Poppies and Paisley
Viking Wedding

Lets start by all agreeing that a Viking Wedding would be SO MUCH FUN, some of the historical traditions are a little out there for me, never the less a viking anything is right up my alley.

For this shoot we really wanted to go as natural and organic as possible, nothing overly processed and commercial. Greenery, Artichoke, Globe Thistles, and Banksia Ashbyi Protae, all graced center stage with Hug Point as a beautiful backdrop. Vikings are so often portrayed as these hard, gruff, mercenary type people. You almost never hear of the adventurers at heart, the softer side, or there sheer will to survive.

For this we really needed to keep it all natural and really wanted to showcase what you can do with all organic elements.

Of course, Brittany from Letters and Dust never disapoints with her work. Check out the beauty of this invitation suite! the bold gold, and rich deep saturated blacks bounce perfectly with the ice blue accents.

What is celebrating this culture without letting the guys have a weapon to show off!

To keep the feel of the isolation and being out with nothing but the sound of the ocean next to you Kindred Spirits Planning decided on creating a hand fasting ceremony to signify the intertwining of the two souls becoming one. I hand wound a salal garland to surround the couple as they spoke their vows to each other.

Sealed with a Kiss and a crashing wave.

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