Poppies and Paisley
Fall's Oranges and Deep Blues
Orange and Blue Winery Wedding

A Fabulous Fall Wedding at the Stunning Zenith Winery

First off, can we just say how fast this year FLEW by!

It was a huge year for us, and hopefully you too! Mom and I hit some major milestones, one of which was a NKOTB cruise. Yes, you did read that right. It was amazing, and I now want to go every year!! Annual Mommy and Me trips are a must, and highly recommended!

. Mommy and Me Trip 2017

We were busy working away to make sure each event was as gorgeous as the couple envisioned and we have met some killer vendors that have really blown me away with how talented they are! It takes a well oiled machine to produce an event for the record books. I digress, let's talk this fall color scheme. how amazingly eye catching are these colors!! The burnt orange, deep blues, and plummy purples, and this Venue is to die for stunning, seriously you guys, if nothing else go for a tasting and just take in the scenery. Zenith Vineyard

When Jessica brought me on to the shoot she had an amazing idea to really bring the color to the venue, and of course involve the stunning warm bloods that reside on the property. So there is was; color, horses, and a whole lot of style.

But seriously, look how beautiful this shot is! Corina has an amazing eye and we now have worked together on several photo shoots, and I hope that there are several more events in the future. She is so warm, creative, and talented!

Jessica and I had talked about ideas and since we had been there earlier in the year together we knew the lay of the land pretty well. Then I saw her color pallet and fell in love. So vibrant, and I knew in an instant I wanted to utilize the hydrangea blooms that were starting to change color as soon as the nights get cold. The powder blue blooms turn this deep teally green color, and pinkish ones turn a plum/burgundy color. Why not show off the seasons natural progression?

As I walked the aisle and many coolers of the flower market I just grabbed bunches of things that inspired me. Those orange Asiatic Lilies were a no brainer, the berried branches were a fun addition, and deep orange spray roses to add a level of complexity with the deep colors of the hydrangea. Something about this combination just spoke to me.

On site you can really see how all the elements come together to create this chic design. Once Upon A Happy Ending Events just knock it out of the park every time.

When you see each piece come together from each vendor you can see the love, effort, and skill come alive. I mean, don't you want to take a GIANT bite out of that cake by Shannon!! Okay, maybe it is just me then? Every little detail, every little hand addressed envelop (Stationary by HeyHalle), and things that you don't realize make a difference like place settings. Then you see them and it hits you that every detail is equally important. I was so jealous when I was out of town, I wasn't able to go and check out the killer warehouse of Danner and Soli! I have been itching to go and just check out all of their neat things.

I also want to draw your attention to these beautiful blue eyes. They draw you in like no other. The make up just plays so well with the natural beauty. Aubrey is so talented, she knocks my socks off every time. If I could have my wedding do over, she would be one of my first booked vendors. LOOK AT THOSE EYES! Plus, she is adorable, and an amazing person (just look at those baby snuggles with Jessica's littlest munchkin)

Deciding Florals for your event also needs to take into consideration 'the dress'. Let's have some real talk right now. If I could wear a fancy dress everyday I would. However, my career, kids, house, and real life don't exactly call for over the top formal wear on the day to day basis. You will want to think about the style, feel, and design of your dress so that the florals match that feel and the whole thing has flow. This particular dress is available from Bridal Exclusives, and was jaw dropping.

Now that I have gone through all these photos, I am going to wait with baited breath for the video by Ambient Sky!!! Stay Tuned for updates as soon as I see it, I will upload it for all of you!

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