Poppies and Paisley
Downtown Portland, Oregon Elopement
Rock and Roll Bride wanted to pair her boots and leather jacket withe something more feminine for her bridal boquet

Downtown Portland, Oregon Elopement

Sometimes a big event doesn't fit what you want your wedding to look like, and a walk through Portland does. Throw on your favorite shoes, a fun dress, a leather jacket (you know, it is Oregon so you will most likely experience 3 seasons in one day) and lets go!

This couple was so much fun! Constantly giggling and joking around with each other.

They had this style that I just loved. Cool. Calm. With a dash of sarcasm. Although elopements do not usually have mountains of floral needs, it really gives you an opportunity to get creative with what they do use. This couple only needed a statement bouquet and greenery for the base of their cake.

I have a soft spot for Eucalyptus. With so many varieties and it's incredible lasting power, it is always a go to purchase at the flower market for me. This particular variety is called Willow Eucalyptus, it has thin branches with flowy long slender leaves, it doesn't have much stability so it is good filler but will not stand very tall if used in large vased arrangements. It adds so much character to this bouquet with its free flowing leaves.

I wanted to so something a little different. They needed a spin on the traditional, and if you know me, you know that I love out of the box! I stuck to a Monochromatic Color Pallet with the out laying colors being Marsala (Oxblood, Wine, Maroon, Burgundy, and a million other names) then continues through the pink pallet to raspberry and landing in the rich royal purple. Although this is not a true monochromatic scheme with the eucalyptus in there, this is what it would look like with no greenery.

Flower varieties that are included in this bridal bouquet are Peony, Mini Calla Lily, Garden Roses, Kiss Me Behind the Garden Gate, and Stock.

Peonies are STUNNING, but only available locally for a very limited time during the year. You can always ship them in from Alaska for a larger portion of the year but expect to pay an ultimate premium for them. These particular ones came from a local grower and isn't that color just mind blowing?! It is just so saturated and deep.

Mini Calla Lilies are available year round reliably, and not only do they come in every color just about, they are also incredibly hardy and will last all day and then some in your bouquet.

The sweetheart sized garden roses add that classic feel to this unique bouquet. The high petal count gives them that air of sophistication, and the heirloom varieties have the traditional tea rose smell.

Stock flower is a long linear shaped flower composed of several smaller flowers that bloom in clusters. It comes in a wide variety of colors, has an amazing sweet smell, tons of texture and is a great filler and accent flower due to its affordability.

Last, but certainly not least is the Kiss me behind the garden gate vine. How can you not like that name. It is a bit long but the vine does grow 6 to 8 feet tall if left to its own devices. Works really well for cut flower arrangements, and did pretty good for the bouquet but after about 10 hours out of the water looked a little droopy. It adds these fun spouts of raspberry color pops and really breaks up the traditional hand tied bouquet.

Ceremony under the architectural stunner St. John's Bridge at Cathedral Park. There is something so peaceful to have the park to yourself, declaring your love for someone.

Off to see the town and frankly, just to enjoy life a little. First dance together with the help of a street band...

Stopped for a bite at a food cart hub

Driving off in the distance in style

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